Romantic times are waiting
Psychologists detected long time ago that sexuality for men is hidden in woman’s timbre, but not in the meaning of her words. That’s why one of the key elements that create originality and depth of any woman’s image is her voice.
Voice can do a great deal – it charms, attracts, fascinates, promises. With the help of the service Voice Calling you are able to hear the lady’s voice in real time and any language barriers won’t prevent you from telling each other the main things!
If the icon ( ) in lady’s profile is active, you can call her and begin a dialog at that very moment. If it is technically possible, the system will make a connection in real time.
Price: 10 credits / 1 minute
If the connection is interrupted for some reason, credits won’t be withdrawn from your account.
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RequestLady IDDate/Time of CallingDuration
Your Voice Calling request can be refused by the very lady for a variety of reasons: she feels unwell or is not sure that she can make herself understood, or she doesn’t have a microphone.
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