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What is a "scam" or "scammer"?

Before we start to explain the details of our Anti-Scam Policy, it is necessary to define what a "scam" and "scammer" is. LifeDatingClub is intended to provide a platform where our gentleman and lady members can communicate with each other for the purpose of developing a serious relationship that can hopefully lead to marriage. The members are required to provide true information in their profiles and take a genuine and serious attitude when using our services for communication, while service providers are required to follow our guidelines strictly in order to provide assistance during communication.

Unfortunately, there are cases where people use our site to deceive others for personal or financial gains, and that is what we call a "scam". A scammer is a dishonest member (whether male or female) or service provider who uses our site for ulterior purposes other than what our site is intended for. In order to fulfill such ulterior purposes, a scammer prefers to provide false information in the profiles and engage in fraudulent activities during communication.

Furthermore, we advise our members to look at the definition of "scammer" in a rational and fair manner. Our online dating platform is created to help our members in finding their true love in more convenient manner. However, relationship is a complicated matter and also a challenge. Developing a healthy relationship needs hard work and a lot of time. There are occasions when gentleman members take for granted that once money is spent, they are eligible for everything, including love and happiness. Ladies are seen as scammers when they are not responding according to gentleman members' wishes and demands. This situation is actually excluded from our definition of "scam" or "scammer", and we advise our members to spend more time communicating with each other, in order to avoid misunderstanding.

Does LifeDatingClub protect our members against scams?

We put a lot of efforts into fighting against all dishonest / unethical activities which may be harmful to our reputation as well as the confidence of our members. Anyone attempting to defraud our members is equally attempting to defraud us. So it is in our mutual interest to take joint efforts to combat against these fraudulent or similar activities. Our people have the ability and determination to protect the rights of every user of our site, both male and female.

1) Terms and regulations for service providers

LifeDatingClub adopts the following regulations binding on all activities performed by service providers :

Strict selection of service providers with binding terms and conditions

We take measures to protect the rights and interests of our members well in advance. Qualified service providers are required to sign a written Service Agreement with LifeDatingClub and to comply with all the terms and conditions of the Agreement, agree to adhere to LifeDatingClub’s defined practices & procedures which may be updated from time to time to enable high quality of services offered on the site.

Report of abusive contents

LifeDatingClub provides a way for gentleman members to report abusive, pornographic or other inappropriate contents in the Mails. If you spot any inappropriate contents, you can report it to us simply by clicking the "online support" link in the main page. This will help us monitor the performance of service providers.Random checks on correspondence

Correspondence sent via LifeDatingClub 's system is stored on file with access limited to our authorized staff members. On random basis, we constantly check the quality of (translated) correspondences and related services provided by service providers. For any alleged suspicious case, LifeDatingClub will investigate and fight against abuse of our system and resources.

Besides, LifeDatingClub requires service providers to look through mails and check if there are any irregularities before sending them out. In particular, we closely monitor those newly-qualified service providers or any one of them which are suspected of providing patchy services.

Regular phone interviews with ladies directly

LifeDatingClub regularly conducts phone interviews with ladies and inquires into the manner in which their corresponding service providers are serving them. This step is to ensure that service providers will best serve the ladies by clearly explaining and thereby complying with our practices & procedures.

2) Terms and regulations for lady members

Authenticity and sincerity of lady members tops the list of gentleman members' concerns. Apart from the regulations for service providers and random checks on the ladies, LifeDatingClub adopts a series of standards and guidelines to prevent fraudulent and/or malicious cases potentially perpetuated by lady members.

Binding terms and conditions on ladies' conducts

Lady members are required to agree and comply with all the terms and conditions stated on the Agreement for Lady Profile Posting and bear the responsibilities for their actions. Ulterior motives other than developing a successful relationship will not be tolerated. Ladies are expected to act with honesty and cannot solicit any valuables from gentleman members by any means. When exchanging information and corresponding with gentlemen, ladies should be honest and polite, and reply in a timely manner. LifeDatingClub reserves the right to remove the lady's profile if she is confirmed to be a scammer.

Constant profile update and check-up

To have a profile listed on our site, a lady must register as a member of a local dating agency which is our authorized service provider, and fill out the Application Form for Profile Listing with accurate and authentic personal information, where her contact information must be provided and her signature in the Application Form is required. After her profile is posted on our site, it must be constantly updated and verified, so, her correspondent service provider is responsiblefor this. On random basis, LifeDatingClub staff members will confirm the authenticity of those updates through phone interview or email. Irregular check-up enables us to prevent potential fraudulent / malicious cases, as well as we can’t verify the identity of the ladies.

Close monitoring of suspicious profiles

For the ladies who cannot be contacted or are suspected by the gentleman members, their profiles will be defined as "suspicious profiles". The service providers are required to provide related information to clear up any doubts in the set time. All activities of the lady's account will be closely monitored until all doubts are cleared. If a lady is involved in scamming activity, her profile will be removed from LifeDatingClub.

LifeDatingClub is built as an online platform where our members can communicate with each other with a hope of building successful relationship. As a matter of fact, the vast majority of our members are serious and genuine in finding their lifelong partner through our site, and have a wonderful time when using our services. We hope that both you and your lady will make every serious decision in the relationship based on a thorough understanding of each other, and make the commitments to each other that real love is all about. Many of our members have successfully found their soul mate here, and are eternally grateful for our services. We truly hope that you will find the same happiness that they have found!

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