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IMBRA instructions and an overview.
(Please read and complete form)

Our qualified members have the option to begin the IMBRA process. If you successfully complete the process and your forms are approved by the administrator, you will have the option to send "Contact request" to the ladies. This level of communication allows you to send your contact information to the ladies of your choice through the correspondence on the site and plan your in-person meetings with the ladies. Each lady needs to approve such requests before any information can be sent. It is completely at each lady's discretion whether to release her information to you or meet you in person. The type of information released by a lady is ultimately at her total discretion as well. The company LifeDatingClub make no representation or warranty as to what information, if any, a lady will be willing to provide at any given time or in any given circumstance.

If you are qualified (2000 credits purchased), you can start completing your IMBRA Questionaire forms.

To start the process, simply follow the steps in "IMBRA Form". Your name will also be checked in the National Sex Offenders' Registry once you complete your forms. If your forms are approved and there are no issues with the National Sex Offenders' Registry, your IMBRA Status in the "IMBRA Form" will change to "approved". This means you can start sending " Contact request" to the ladies.

Once approved, To submit an Contact request click Contact Request button, choose Lady and then click "Submit Request" if you want to proceed. When you submit the request, 200 credits will be charged to your account. If the lady denies your request, the credits will be refunded to your account.

Once you have submitted the request, the lady will be notified and the translated version of your IMBRA form as well as the results of the search in the National Sex Offenders' Registry will become available to her. After she has reviewed your documents, she will have an option to accept or decline your request. This may take up to two weeks.

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