Romantic times are waiting

First of all, I would like to thank You for a visit and tell a little about the purposes and creation history of our resource…

The realization way of LifeDatingClub project was long and challenging, full of doubts and uncertainty. But I was sure that if I would be able to help at least few lonely men in my country to obtain the real family happiness, my mission would be carried out in full.

I have been married twice, but fate decreed that I have singed my feathers twice. I have lost a hope to create a close-knit family when I was 42. And then for almost six years I was looking a woman of my dreams, a woman with whom it would be glad just to live and enjoy each day.

..during my business trip to Western Ukraine. To be honest, even now, my heart starts pounding when I remember that moment, the moment when my life made ​​sense! In my 50, I fell in love like a boy, and I live in love, as in our first meeting up to now. I will never stop to amaze perfection of the Slavic woman. She has surrounded me with tenderness, care and sincere unselfish love.

Oh, I am sure that every single American or European man, regardless of their financial status, needs such attitude. I thank God every minute for such twist of fate.

..that Ukrainian women know very little about the possibility of dating a decent foreign man. There are a few resources with the purpose of establishment of strong international marriages in the world. Existing platforms for communication are very poorly equipped technically or converted into mechanisms for making money using the fake accounts.

My goal was to create a unique gated site where a limited number of men and women would be able to meet freely and comfortably and find their ideals. I was gathering carefully and for a long time a strong team of professionals, whose main task was, is and will be to create the best conditions for Your communication with Slavic women.

You will feel our support from the very first steps of registration till the registration of marriage visas for travel abroad. The service provided on our website, covers all the possibilities for a successful search for a soulmate.

We have excluded the penetration of any kind of fraud to the site and ask you for reciprocity! You will be convinced soon that You are on the most reliable and professional platform for singles in the world.

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